Rental terms and conditions


Each item will have specific washing instructions enclosed with the items. Please make any notes of any damage you might see that we may need to attend to on the damage receipt enclosed with your shipping label. 

Items MUST be completely dry before shipping do not put any items in the dryer.

Cake smash/ birthday outfits:

These items are meant to get dirty and messy but we have a few rules. We would prefer you use white and light-colored icings, some colors are absolutely not permitted.
Icing colors NOT allowed, red, black, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow, and absolutely no dark colors that might stain the fabric or tulle. Think if you would not put it on your wedding dress then it’s not permitted.
Customers must remove any food crumbs debris etc. immediately, we suggest using a baby wipe to pick off the cake, icing sprinkles etc. Do not rub, Each item will have specific instructions on how to further wash enclosed in the packaging of your order.

Rental period:

Rental periods are 3, 5, or 7 days the item MUST be postmarked and show the post office received the item by midnight of the last day of your rental period if it is not you will be charged a late fee of $25 please plan accordingly. If you would like items longer than 7 days you are welcome to request them via email. 


Shipping is prepaid we only ship priority with insurance

Item must be packed in the same packing box, or garment bag it was delivered in please save these items when you receive them. Items MUST be shipped back with the packing slip enclosed.


Late return $25 per day

Damage less than 1 hour $30

2-3 hours $80
3 or more hours $120 or Possible replacement of the items 


Some wear and tear are to be expected you may even receive an item that might have small blemishes (nothing that can’t be edited by a photographer in less than 5 min of photo editing)

Significant damage such as but not limited to stains from non approved cake icing, significant stains larger than 2 inches, items that have been fully submerged in liquid or dragged on the ground, Are subject to a fee or possible replacement cost of the item. This charge will be processed on the credit card that was used to hold the reservation.

Damage fees:
Damages that are able to be fixed by our seamstress in less than 1 hour of work will accrue a $30 fee
Items taking 2-3 hours worth of work will accrue an $80 fee
Items that take more than 3 hours of work to fix will accrue $120 fee or complete replacement whatever is fewer.

Items that are unrentable to others will accrue a fee of what it would be to replace the item.

Change of reservation:

We will allow a reservation change to another available date one time as a courtesy, any additional changes may not be accepted. Changes will not be accepted within 48 hours of the ship date if you would like to add additional dates to your rental you MUST submit them by email ( with confirmation, it is conditional on other reservations if we are able to accommodate the date change. 

Lost or stolen items:

If an item is lost or stolen it MUST be filed with your local police department immediately no later than 2 days. You must submit the police report no later than 3 days. The customer is still responsible for the replacement of the items. As well as the cost of future rentals that are no longer able to be fulfilled.