Eco-Friendly fabric Easter eggs


Easter is just around the corner now and everyone is getting excited about it! But this year, we are doing something a little different. Let’s celebrate Earth Day and make Easter a fun-filled adventure for all of us!

Eco friendly eggs are the perfect way to show your love for nature while celebrating Easter. Get creative with color by dyeing your own eggs or picking from our variety of exciting hues. Then enjoy these eggs as they last longer than an ordinary egg and can be washed over and over again without losing their color. They’re also affordable, so they’re perfect for any budget!

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Eggs are made and lined with a durable cotton fabric. Each egg is unique the colors, size and shape may differ from each other. Each egg is approximately 4 inches great for smaller hot wheels cars candy money and so much more!

washable markers are great to keep the fun alive every year but please be aware not all markers may wash out fully. 
if buying 3 sets the free set will be random you are welcome to put a preference in the notes section I will do my best to accommodate.  

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Assorted, Rainbow, Sports, Color your own


set of 6 eggs, buy 3 sets get 1 set free


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