Magnolia’s Story!

     Magnolia was unexpectedly diagnosed with a serious heart condition just after her first birthday. She has dilated cardiomyopathy and was admitted to childrens hospital of Atlanta for 5 weeks in June 2020. She was critically ill and evaluated for heart transplant during her stay. Her Dad was deployed overseas and was able to come home due to her medical circumstances. She was able to be released from the hospital in July 2020, but has to be closely monitored to include frequent 9h round trips to Children’s Hospital of Atlanta several times a month. She is on a lot of medicines to keep her heart functioning the best it can. They will be relocating ASAP so she can be closer to specialty pediatric cardiac care, but it takes time for the Army to finalize short notice compassionate reassignments.


   Our goal here at for this fundraiser is to raise as much money as possible for the Hildreth’s to purchase an Owlet monitor ($300-ish, it monitors heart rate and breathing, and will alarm if it detects changes) for Magnolia while she is asleep, as they are not covered by their insurance.

   Any leftover funds will be used by the Hildreth’s to offset costs related to the frequent travel for her routine care.


You can read Magnolia’s full story on Facebook, at






Help Us Reach our goal of $300 to help Magnolia! 

All proceeds from the Below items go directly to the Hildreth Family